Friday, 21 August 2015

The Dreaded Haircut

So this is what I look like after a haircut. If there is one thing I hate more than baths, it's got to be haircuts! To get me into the place I either need to be dragged, which gets a lot of people laughing or I need to be picked up and taken in there. 

My mum always says to me "sorry buddy but I promise you will feel so much better after". How would you like it if you were put onto a table with your legs and head controlled by a pulley and people cutting and snipping around your private parts?? Not to mention people sticking things in your ears to pluck the hairs? Exactly, enough said! 

I do actually feel better for it after though. When I get home I run around the house barking "look how handsome I am, look how handsome I am". I'm not sure if my humans understand what I'm trying to say to them but it makes me feel good. Then the minute I get outside I roll around on the grass so I can get back to smelling like a dog instead of like a box of pot purri. Nobody likes going to the dog park smelling like a girl. 

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