Sunday, 9 August 2015

No bake, gluten free Nutella cheesecake


Guilty pleasure alert! This recipe, inspired by Nigella Lawson, definitely isn't a healthy one, but I do believe everything is good in moderation. This cheesecake is definitely one to do for that next birthday or special occasion.

It's best to use a springform cake tin to make it easier to remove and serve.

Base Ingredients:
- 250g of Gluten Free biscuits 
- 75g unsalted butter, softened

Filling Ingredients:
- 1x 400g jar of Nutella at room temperature
- 100g chopped toasted hazelnuts
- 500g Philadelphia cream cheese, original (the light ones won't set properly)
- 60g icing sugar (sifted)


Step 1: line the bottom and sides of the cake tin with baking paper (makes it easier to remove)

Step 2: blend the biscuits, the softened butter and approx. 25g of the hazelnuts in a food processor until it binds together. 

Step 3: press the base mixture into the cake tin, evenly with the back of a spoon.  Place in the fridge to chill.

Step 4: beat the cream cheese and icing sugar together and then add the jar of Nutella until well combined.

Step 5: place the cream cheese and Nutella mix into the cake tin over the biscuit base. 

Step 6: blend the hazelnuts in a food processor for a few seconds to dice them up. Then scatter across the top of the cake. 

Step 7: place in fridge to set. Cake is best when left overnight, but if time is not on your side, allow at least 4 hours. To serve, use a wet knife. 


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