Monday, 12 September 2016

The perfect starter to your next dinner party

Having people over for dinner and want to serve up a tasty starter that is easy and quick to put together, tastes great but won't ruin an appetite? 

I recently had the privilege of putting together a Mediterranean inspired degustation menu for a very special 30th birthday which consisted of a five course meal, so naturally I wanted the starter to be light, tasty and easy to put together. 

These bite sized toothpicks were the perfect starter and satisfied even the most fussiest of eaters. 

And the best part about these mouth watering canap├ęs? They take less than 10 mins to put together, which in my case was perfect. 

All you need is some small toothpicks together with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini balls and some basil! It really is that easy. 

Want to get even more creative and add even more flavor to this dish? Try rolling the bocconcini balls in some pesto!! 

Bon appetit.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Pork fried rice served in lettuce cups

This super easy and quick meal will have your guests impressed and coming back for more.

Serves 4-6. Cooking time 15 mins

- 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil
- 500g pork mince
- 1 teaspoon garlic
- 2 teaspoons ginger
- 2 cups of chopped or frozen vegetables (carrots, zucchini, capsicum, broccoli, beans or peas)
- 1 cup cooked rice
- 3 tablespoons water
- combine 1/4 cup gluten free soy sauce and 3 tablespoons brown sugar
- lettuce leaves to serve

Step 1
- cook rice, set aside

Step 2
- heat oil in wok or large frying pan. Add mince and stir fry until browned

Step 3
- add garlic and ginger and stir fry for 1 minute

Step 4
- add vegetables and stir fry for 5 mins or until tender. Add rice, water, soy sauce and brown sugar and stir fry until all combined

Step 5
- divide mixture among lettuce leaves and serve. Salt and pepper to taste