Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My new obsession - hiking!


As you would be aware by now, I am all about living a healthy lifestyle. But for me a healthy lifestyle is more than just hitting the pavement and breaking out in a sweat. A healthy lifestyle is about challenging yourself, cleansing the mind, body and soul and quietening the internal noise that we all suffer from inside our head. 

I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and really challenging myself. And there is something so invorating about being out in the open spaces, in nature and it's clean fresh air. 

I recently went on a hike up the You Yangs to Flinders Peak in Victoria. Having not been up there before I decided to take the "harder" track with the steep incline and 450 steps to the top! I jumped and climbed onto rocks on the way up and pretended to be the Queen of the jungle. The view from up top was amazing. It was calm, quiet and everyone seemed at peace. 

I watched many people come and go up there and even saw a little boy and his mum enjoy a picnic up there. 

I then moved out onto a rock and sat there for about 45 minutes, just admiring the breath taking view and all it's glory. The morning clouds were slowly parting and allowing the sunshine to beam down upon us. 

I then saw a girl climb out onto a bigger rock and thought "wow that's brave". I have a fear of heights you see, so for me, that was pretty gutsy! 

I was then challenged to step out there myself. My first reaction was "um no way". But with a little encouragement and holding of my hand and some very very jelly like legs, I eventually got out onto that rock. I may not have gotten as far as sitting down and dangling my legs over it, but I got further than I thought was possible for me. The adrenaline I felt in that moment was captivating. 

So not only did I get some exercise during this hike, I had many laughs, I cleared my head, I got fresh air and I challenged myself. So you see, exercising is so much more than burning calories. And I now have a new healthy addiction to hiking. I am already looking for my next mountain to climb and my next big rock to climb out on. And you never know, maybe next time I'll make it as far as sitting down on that rock and letting my feet fall freely beneath me........ watch this space! 


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