Thursday, 9 March 2017

Best. Mum. Ever!


Well it's no surprise that my favorite time of the day is meal time!! And today was no exception! 

My mum spends a lot of time meal prepping for me (yes you heard right, meal prepping for a dog.......I have a sensitive tummy ok), which I very much appreciate, but today's meal was out of this world! 

Seriously, I knew straight away that it wasn't my usual chicken, rice and veggies. My nose was going crazy trying to sniff the different smells, my tail was wagging and the suspense was killing me! Then when she put my bowl down in front of me, I knew all my doggy dreams had come true - baked salmon, brown rice and veggies! You beauty!!!!! 

Of course I demolished it in 30 seconds, I wasn't taking any chances. And the verdict? Delicious!! My mum sure can cook. She is the best mum ever!!! 

I was still so excited after my dinner that I did laps around the backyard and then rolled around on the grass. Life is pretty sweet right now. 

Stay tuned for the story of my latest beach trip where I surfed my first wave! It was totally gnarly! 

Peace out dudes
Mr Teddy Bear


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